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Why Pure Herbal Hair Colours

Please read what customers are saying

- sorry, it's a long list but you get helpful information from these reviews. Just scroll down for detailed products information.

Sarah: Completely convertedI bought this cream after having adverse reactions to several mainstream semi-permanents. I wanted to blend my root colour with a permanent hair colour line. First time around, I used the product after the colourplus shampoo on wet hair, left it on for an hour and a half, and was very disappointed to see no noticeable difference in colour - although my hair was soft and shiny. I decided to give it another go, this time applying to nearly dry hair and the results were fantastic! Blended the roots perfectly, and covered my grey much to my surprise.

Dawn: This has exceeded my expectations and I now have lovely red hair instead of being wishy washy dishwater blonde and without darkening my hair which is what I wanted - perfect and shall continue to use hair Logona colours.

Samantha: This product is great. Easy to use and no nasty chemicals!

Jane:  I think that your products are fantastic. I have tried other ones, but they don't work like your products do. My hairdresser can't get over the quality, the naturalness and just how the products work. He is amazed each time I get my hair done! Your products are the only products that agree with my skin, since I have had bouts of skin eczema. I am sold!!

Louise: Being allergic to all the chemical dyes I was felt I had no alternative but to go grey and then discovered your products. The cream is much easier to use and appears to be as effective as the powder, I like it a lot and will continue to use it.

Laila: Brilliant product. I used 50% Copper Blonde and 50 % Nougat on my dark blonde (30 percent grey) hair. The colour worked brilliantly and I am really pleased.

Paula: Amazing! I have just tried the Logona hair colour cream and i mixed the nougat with the copper blonde and i got a beautiful golden brown, i love this product and i had no irritation what so ever and the smell reminded me a bit of hops wasnt a bad smell considering the smells you get from the chemical hair dyes which i may add that i also had a bad reaction blisters, redness, and itching. cant rave about this enough i am so pleased that i can now do my hair again whenever i want and it did give me a confident boost. before i used this cream my hair had been dyed with a popular high street brand i had always used it since a teenager but i all of a sudden had a bad reaction so i had dark blonde roots about 3 to 4 inches and the rest of my shoulder lenght hair was a light blonde with a few greys and i must say this colour cream was very easy to apply easy to get the odd drip of my skin using a bit of shampoo on a cotton pad and my hair looked fantastic , soft and shiny. THANKYOU i wished i had found this years ago i will be buying more and also will be buying the shampoo and conditioner to help the colour COS ITS WORTH IT and SO AM I.

Claire: Ordered the copper blonde! One tube is plenty - even for long hair, and this product is much easier to use than the powders. And best of all it doesn't sting so you can leave it on for ages!

Liz: This is the first time that I've used a herbal hair colour and I am delighted with the results. Not only is the colour exactly what I wanted, my hair has more body and keeps its shape better. A great find - I will certainly continue to use it.

Rani: I love this product - it is easy to use, natural ingredients and good colour.

Cathy: I love the Logona Colour Creams, I mixed half Tizian and half Indian Summer and left on for 2 hours which gave my naturally mousy brown hair a gorgeous gingery red sheen and blended well with the ends of my hair which were previously chemically dyed ginger. I love the smell of the Colour Creams and the consistency is perfect, no drips and easy to apply. I am definitely going to continue dying my hair with them and look forward to trying different combinations of colours on my hair. They are also more long lasting than other Henna Creams I've tried which wash out lots every time you wash your hair and dye everything in sight! The Logona Creams hardly wash out in subsequent washes and leave my hair lovely and soft and shiny. Also I still have plenty left for dying my roots when they show through even though my hair is way past shoulder length Definitely recommended.

Ingeborg:  I used to dye my hair chemically until I started to find the blonde shade too stereotyped - so many peole looked the same! The condition of my hair had also suffered. Now I use Logona hair colour creams, - they are very easy to use, I often mix them to achieve a really individual, special shade for my hair. The condition of my hair has also improved dramatically.

Katie: I have been using a wash in temporary colour for years. suddenly i developed a reaction to it. as it started to wash out i was left with slightly red hair and mousey grey roots. PANIC !! after much searching on the net i came across this product. its quite wonderful. i use it to streak my roots so that gradually my hair is looking even again. It hardly has any red at all so i am going to try using the next colour tizan on the odd strand just so there is a little red here and there.it takes time to build up the colour but its well worth keeping going until you achieve the tone you want. it makes the grey at my temples a light brown.... fantastic product and no allergic reaction

Patricia:  I never use anything else now. It's the best, easy to use and gives great colour.

Karen: This cream is very easy to apply, I have short hair and it only took about ten minutes. There isn't a strong smell and it's a real plus that it's so easy to wash off. I've been coming out in a rash using other hair dyes so am very relieved to have found a brand that doesn't irritate my skin. The results are lovely, very natural looking, I'll definitely use it again, next time I'll try mixing two colours, see how that works out.

Sandra: I tried Indian Summer and found it reasonably easy to do myself. I didn't notice much colour change (perhaps it was too light for me) but my hair was incredibly sleek and shiny after using it. I then bought Tizian (and my mum did it for me, with the applicator brush) and the results and colour are fab - quite redish. My partner said i look like a chestnut! But, i love it and will continue to use it.

Donna: Easy to use but did go a tad red rather than brown. After a wash though it has a lovely colour and shine and I will be using this range throughout my pregnancy.

Brigitte:  Really pleased with the colour cream. Very easy to use and my scalp feels so much happier than after chemical colouring.

Sarah: I have medium brown hair with some very old, growing out faded highlights (basically had just reverted to bleached blonde) and a few greys. Top marks go to the ease of use of the handy tube..it made the whole process so so simple. Overall, the colour on my mid brown hair was lovely - a deeper rich brown. However, on the greys and the bleached highlights, it went very brassy. If only Logona would come out with a cream version of their Black powder....I'm going to try mixing Nougat with the Teak and see if that calms the brassiness down a bit. Very happy with this product - I would definitely use again.

Valerie: This is an excellent colour cream. Easy to apply, very slight fragrance, does not irritate the scalp. It gives a nice warm tint to brown hair, without the reddish tone that the teak colour can give to your hair if like me you have a lot of grey. I keep it on for 2 hrs for good measure, with no leaks. Be prepared though to look after your roots with this product as it doesn't in my previous experience fade away. But it does a great job and you can use it as often as you like if you want to darken the tone

Marie: I'm really pleased with the Logona Natural Hair Colour Cream: not only is it truly natural and easy to use, it also works really well on my very white and grey hair (I must be at least 80% white/grey!). I use the Teak colour because my natural hair colour used to be a mid-brown with auburn shades in it. It gives amazing coverage of the white and grey: giving natural golden highlights on the whiter hair and beautiful auburn shades on the darker hair. It doesn't give blanket allover one-shade colour like permanent chemical dyes can, but that is what makes this so natural and highlighty. And an added bonus is that you don't get the harsh tramline regrowth of roots like you get with permanent chemical colours, the Logona just fades all over - I get 8 weeks at least out of it before I re-colour. Great stuff!

Denise: Really pleased with Logona product. I have a severe allergy to PPD and had been nervous about dying my hair again but did not want to go back to my natural colour. This product is fabulous, lovely colour and the condition of my hair is much improved. I will being buying this product again and recommending it to everyone I know.

Debbie: Love this product, really easy to apply, need to build up colour but after a couple of applications it looked great. Now I just re colour every four weeks, keeps the grey at bay. I get many compliments ranging from 'lovely shine and colour' to 'gosh, I thought your hair was highlighted - didn't realise you were colouring grey'. Gives a really natural effect, especially for those of us who are greying!

Jacqui: I loved this product. Am going to order more. I only used one tube in 'teak' and left it on for 90 minutes. My hair was so shiney afterwards and the coverage was excellent. Next time I am going to leave for 2 hours. Also I applied it to dry hair and will now try applying to wet hair as I found my hair (which is way past shoulder length) tangled.

Lynne: Great product. I was worried before using this product as I had visions of turning my hair green, but I found it really easy to use and the results are great. What I like is the fact that I can just cover the grey along my parting, which makes the product really economical to use.

Zosia: Looks more natural than any hair dye I've ever used and it's great to know it is not doing me any harm! I am a very satisfied customer!

Johanne: My natural hair colour is varying shades of grey. I used to use permanent hair dyes but I have become allergic to them. This product is the best I have found. I usually apply it every 4 weeks. It covers all my grey and produces the exact colour the box says it does. The cream is also much easier to apply than the powder.

Katherine:  I found this product easy to use and non-irritating to my scalp - other hair dyes had started to make my head itch for a couple of days after use, and I was paranoid about having an adverse reaction. The colour is very natural looking, with auburn tones and the product left my hair in lovely condition. I have mid length hair, and only used half a tube, so it is fairly economical. I will definitely use it again, and will probably experiment with the Nougat Brown next. Having dyed my hair every 5 weeks for the last 6 years, I was quite conscious that using chemical dyes on a regular basis was probably not doing me or my hair much good, but its brilliant to have found a natural alternative to going grey.

Wendy: every one asks how my hair is so healthy, even the hairdressers. With this product I was able to grow my fine, color treated hair long of the first time in many years. I have been using it of 3 years now and would never use anything else. You have to leave it on a long time but it is worth it.

Leith: Safe and effective, and easy to use. Good Points:  leaves hair in excellent condition, and it is safe to use. The colour is natural.  Bad Points: none.

Bernadette: Full marks! I was fed up with sittign in hair salons for ages, and also a little worried about some of the chemicals/oxidising agents that seem to go into hair dyes, so I gave this a try. Just did the roots, as I already have some highlights, and the colour is great, very rich and glossy, also it smells very nice and is very easy to use. 

Pat: I had been thinking of changing to a natural hair colour dye for several reasons. My hair was dry, I had been going to the hair dressers for the last ten years having it coloured every 3-4 months and more recently had had cancer. The latter made me think more carefully about absorption of chemicals and so thought I should consider colouring my hair with a herbal dye. The cream was really easy to use, I bought the special comb but found it easier to apply by simply massaging in using the gloves provided - they are better than using a latex glove as they don't 'grip' the hair like the latex ones. I used a hair dryer for 15 mins as per instructions and left it on for the maximum time. The result was really good, covered my hair well. The ends of my hair tend to be a bit golden but I think that is due to the amount of time it has been dyed with a chemical dye. On the root area where there is fresh growth the dye took well and is more shiny and soft. My hair is just on my shoulders and it took half a tube of the cream. I also bought the Logona cleaner to prep my hair, also the colour shampoo and the conditioner all seem to be very effective and using the shampoo does help the depth of colour. So although it was expensive to begin with I have plenty of the products left, so in all it will be cost effective and do the job.

Jeanette:  I have used the nougat cream quite a few times and have always been very please with the results. Although a bit pricey, with my short hair one tube seems to last 3 goes. I am quite grey now and have thick hair, so leave it on for the full 2 hours. The result is very natural. There is no irritation to the scalp, which I have experienced with other less natural dyes. 

Sylvia:  Am so pleased to have discovered this product. For a long time I have been using chemical dyes on my mostly white hair, but I was getting a very itchy scalp and sometimes disastrous results. Nougat Brown turns my hair a really nice light blonde colour, just what I wanted, and no irritation. I have short hair and one tube has been enough for 3 applications, so its not that expensive.

Katerina: After finding out i'm allergic to the chemicals in normal hair dyes, i decided to give this a go. Did the recommended skin test with no reaction so went for it. The result was great. I have lots of grey hair all on the top and this dye gave lovely golden highlights, which look totally natural. its easy to use and didnt need re-applying for 6 weeks. I have shortish hair so one tube did two applications. very economical. looking forward to trying out the tizian colour. a very happy customer

Susan: Was very pleased with the colour having used a similar product before and was disappointed. This i left on for an hour the second time and was great.

Christine: As my hair is rapidly showing signs of grey, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be colouring it. Chemical colouring just didn't appeal. I didn't want to cover my original hair colour up. Finding Logona hair colours seemed to be what I was looking for. Firstly I tried the powder mixes which I was impressed with, though a little messy and then I tried the nougat brown cream. I really like the natural brown hue my hair now has and all of the shades of my natural hair have not been lost only highlighted. My hair is very thick and strong and I keep the colour on for the maximum 2 hours, always treat it with Colour Plus to get maximum coverage, and condition it. It does take time but well worth it.

Monica: Easy to use. I have used chemical hair dye for the last 10 year and just after 2 applications of Logona hair cream the condition of my hair has improved significantly! One tube last for two applications if you have thick shoulder length hair. If you have grey hair do not give up after the first attempt, it took 2 applications to cover my grey hair but it is worth it! 

Why LOGONA Hair Colours?

What's in the Logona Herbal Hair Colours?

Logona uses only pure plant extracts to offer you a 100% natural product that has been certified by BDIH and NATRUE. There is no Ammonia, Peroxide or PPD in Logona's colours. Indigo is used to darken the henna in the black shade. The Logona range is unique and is probably the best selling organic range in the world with extensive distribution in almost every corner of the globe.

If you use other brands that claim to be natural or organic, please read the ingredient list carefully. Most brands may contain some organic or natural ingredients, but for the most part, there are still chemicals present. Logona does not rely solely on Henna but also makes use of vegetable based dyes in their hair colours, allowing for much greater flexibility when it comes to covering grey.

Colour Creams or Colour Powders?

Logona Herbal Hair Colour Powders offer complete flexibility. There are 10 shades to choose from that cover most hair types effectively. Although they require mixing, this allows various colours to be combined to achieve the exact nuance you require, should you not be able to match your hair against one of the ten boxed shades.

You can mix the powders in any combination, for instance the Natural, Brown, Chestnut and Flame Red. With 10 shades to choose from the combinations are endless. In addition, powders can be mixed with coffee or black tea to darken the final colour (see section 5). The only drawback to the colours is that once mixed the mixture must be used immediately and cannot be stored. It is not however necessary to mix the entire box as amounts can be portioned off and the mixing ratio with water adjusted accordingly.

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Logona Herbal Hair Colour Creams offer smplicity. They can be used right out of the tube! They can be closed after touching up roots and used again later. The creams should not be mixed with other ingredients and be used as supplied. As the creams are mixed by machine, the colours tend to be slightly stronger than the powders and do cover grey quite effectively. We recommend the brown shades for those with a lot of grey (in excess of 30%)

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Some help to choose the right colour(s)

Our partner in Australia shows a huge number of before-and after pictures on her web page. Just click here for www.organichaircare.com.au (opens in a new window)

How to achieve the best coverage

Logona works by painting itself onto the hair shaft and does not penetrate the hair (commercial dyes penetrate the outer layer of the hair). This results in a very natural look, preventing that "just painted" look of a single solid shade. Grey is notoriously difficult to colour and will often need up to three applications to cover effectively (this is also largely influenced by your hair type).

As Logona is completely natural you can apply the colour on subsequent days without the risk of damaging your hair. Don't give up after the first application. If your hair is strong and the grey is pronounced you will need to persist a little, but the end result is well worth it. Almost 99% of customers achieve the results they want, and after the initial application/s a five to six weekly re-application should keep you smiling. To increase the products colouring affectivity we recommend using the Logona Colour Plus with your initial application. This increases the hairs ability to bond with the natural dyes. To lock in the colour afterwards, try the Colour Conditioner from Logona.

Best colour choices for grey: If your hair is light brown to dark brown, Auburn or black and you have in excess of 30% grey, we recommend using the Natural Brown, Brown Umber, Nougat Brown or Teak initially. These colours contain almost no Henna (Lawsonia) relying instead on vegetable dyes and will not discolour the grey as the reds will tend to do. Once your hair is used to the product and the grey has been covered, you can then start to move towards darker or redder shades without the concern of bringing out bright red and blue shades in the grey.

For blondes and very light coloured grey hair we recommend the Golden Blonde, Sahara and Copper Blonde shades. Remember to always strand test first though.

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Adding other ingredients

Coffee is a favourite for darkening the powders and black tea leaves. We recommend you obtain loose leaf tea from a health shop, as the bagged variety can contain bleach in the bags and this can affect the colouring result. To add coffee or black tea simply brew an infusion and use this instead of plain water for mixing the powders. We don't recommend this with the Golden Blonde and Sahara shades.

A few tips from customers

Apply a layer of cream around the hair line before you apply the product. This makes any spillage far easier to remove (Melanie)

If the product gets onto your hands or skin, simply remove with a little lemon juice (Andrea)

I apply a little heat with a hairdryer and find this really helps (Susan)

I use the Logona hair colours to dye my beard and find a toothbrush very useful for applying the product (Gavin)

Can Logona Colours be used after a perm?

Yes. A perm makes the hair particularly susceptible to colouring and leaves the hair far more accepting of the colour. 

It's not dark enough, can I leave it on longer?

No. Do not exceed the recommended colouring time of 1h 30m to a maximum of 2 hours. This will increase the risk of the grey discolouring. We recommend that you re-apply the product within 24 - 72 hours if you are not satisfied with the initial coverage. You may also choose to go to a darker shade if the colour on your normal (not grey) hair is not dark enough, but in general we would recommend the second application.

How long does the colour last?

Logona's colours are semi-permanent and under ideal circumstances your Logona colour last between five to six weeks. This is affected by the shampoo you use, the frequency you use it and various other factors. To ensure your colour lasts we recommend a mild organic shampoo from Logona, ideally the Colour Care shampoos, and occasional use of the Colour conditioner, especially directly after colouring to lock in colour.

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More questions?

Please ask us any question via the contact form or per e-mail to peter@saveyourskin.co.nz. Please see also this very comprehensive information folder about the LOGONA pure herbal Hair Colours.