About Us

about-us.jpgWe are Petra Stoeveken and Dr. Peter Stoeveken, the owners and operators of Stoeveken Cosmetics Ltd..

In March 2008 we quitted our great jobs in Germany and moved with a permanent residence visa to New Zealand. The reason for this are our two kids, at that time six months and two years old. We want that our kids grow up in a more child friendly society and we believe that our young children have a better perspective here.

Why do we sell truly 100% natural and certified organic beauty care from Germany?

We have realized that the awareness in New Zealand regarding the quality of beauty care is growing.

We know the products and the manufacturer, who has 35 years expertise and exports to 50 countries worldwide. We are proud being the exclusive distributor for products which have numerous international awards and are proven from independent consumer magazines to be the best.

We love this country, we are happy to live here and we are excited about our new business. Please ask us any questions about the brands or about the products. We have direct access to 35 years of competence and experience so we will be able to answer any question.